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Wonder Woman :iconmighy1117:MigHy1117 4 0 Steampunk girl :iconmighy1117:MigHy1117 3 0 D for Dumbledore :iconmighy1117:MigHy1117 22 3 Steampunk girl sketch :iconmighy1117:MigHy1117 3 0 Model sketch :iconmighy1117:MigHy1117 1 0 Emo valentine :iconmighy1117:MigHy1117 3 0 Pirate :iconmighy1117:MigHy1117 1 0 Pirate Girl 1 :iconmighy1117:MigHy1117 1 1 Pink sketches :iconmighy1117:MigHy1117 4 0 C3PO :iconmighy1117:MigHy1117 7 0 Natives :iconmighy1117:MigHy1117 2 0 Mermaid bubbles :iconmighy1117:MigHy1117 6 2 Bow And Arrow :iconmighy1117:MigHy1117 1 0 Jellyfish Man :iconmighy1117:MigHy1117 10 4 Elf dress person :iconmighy1117:MigHy1117 5 0 Elf Lady :iconmighy1117:MigHy1117 2 0


United States
HI! Im MigHy!
I like drawing characters and cool stuff. I'm fairly new to digital art and am trying to improve and work on my style. :)
Please comment and say stuff it really makes my day!

so the reason my name is MigHy is because one day when i was playing super smash. i was trying to think of a really cool fighting name..and i was like ... MIGHTY thats pretty awesome!!! but being like five at the time i spelt mighty wrong and accidents capitalized the H ...soo MigHy was born.

There's probably a lot of spelling and grammatical errors sooo as you can probably tell spelling is not my strong suit. If you notice anything wrong please let me know.
Hope you like my art!!! :D


Steampunk girl
i did a sketch of this girl and i redid it digitally. I would like to shade it but i'm gonna save that for another day. 
D for Dumbledore
this is my letter D in my alphabetical series. I love Harry potter and dumbeldor. this took my forver to do and im so happy i finaly get to post it .:D (Big Grin)  my drawing tablet wasnt working and then i had too much homework but through it all it finaly made it. I love digital art and need to do more it just takes me so long to do.
Steampunk girl sketch
I love steampunk things! I did this sketch and I'm planning to draw this either digitally or traditionally as a final piece

questions by :iconsamdragon57: 

1. What's your favorite soda?
Dr. pepper
2. What's your favorite soup?
either tomato or potato soup. its a hard choice but potato soup with friends can't be topped, so i gotta go with potato
3. Have any pets?
 I have a dog named skippy lu. she is a bit of a snob
4. What's your favorite band/type of music?
twenty one pilots. but i listen to a whole bunch of music.  
5. Do you have any OCs? Which are your favs?
well i have some OCs but non of them have names yet Blush  sooooo 
i couldn't chose one though that's to hard.
6. Favorite show/movie?
tangled is my favorite movie!!! 
and i only really watch old lady tv shows soooooo
7. What got you into art?
probably my mom she is a graphic designer/ artist so she has always encouraged me to draw and stuff 
8. Favorite art to make?
idk i love making all kinds of art
9. What song would you consider your theme song?
This is the most important question i have ever been asked. I think my theme song would be  instrumental it would start out all soft and them get loader and be super awesome! It would be catchy and get stuck in everyone head too. like the batman theme song but better. and at the end it would end abruptly with the sound of a chicken. 
10. What gets you out of bed in the morning?
my alarm. 
11. What's your fav genre of books to read?
ha reading. that's a good one 
but really I wish I read more but i don't really. I think though fantasy books are my favorite. I also have a bunch of comic books in my room that I need to read. 
12. What are some of your fav video games?
super smash!!!
13. Your opinion of dragons (dregons)? Answer carefully. Your life may depend on it.
I love dragons!!! for like a whole summer all i wanted to draw was dragons! i thought i was good at drawing them but... i struggled. One of my favorite movies is how to train your dragon ( I cant wait for the third one!!!!!) and when i was younger me and my Friends would play dragons. so yeah dragons hold a special place in my heart!


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